Our Consulting Services


Sam Mikhail

Owner, Prestige Auto Body:

  •   ASE Certified Master Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician
  •   ASE Certified Damage Analysis & Estimating Specialist.
  •   DuPont and Spies Hecker trained refinishing specialist
  •   I-CAR Certified
  •   Qualified Expert Witness
  • Founder of the GoldCar Collision Repair Network

George Van Arsdall

Senior Consultant, Prestige Auto Body:

    • ASE Certified Master Collision Repair & Refinishing Technician
    • ASE Certified Damage Analysis & Estimating Specialist.
    • ASE Certified Automobile Technician
    • I-CAR Certified Instructor (Retired)
    • NY State Licensed Body Damage Estimator
    • Qualified Expert Witness
    • Affiliated with the Automotive Repair Industry for over 50 years

1. Did you buy a car you thought was new and then found it was damaged and repaired?

2. Did you buy a “Certified” Used Car and then found it was damaged?

3. Was your car repaired after a collision and you’re not satisfied with the repair?

4. Did your car lose value due to a car accident?

5. Do you need an expert to determine the true condition of your car, document the condition in a detailed report, and testify in court on your behalf?


We can help you!

At Prestige Auto Body, we take great pride in restoring damaged automobiles to their pre-accident condition to the best of human ability, using the best equipment, the best parts and materials, and the best technicians available. It’s very unfortunate, but there are some automobile dealerships that will sell you almost anything. Also very unfortunately, there are some body shops that will just patch up damage on cars and return them to their owners with obvious signs of repair, or worse, in an unsafe condition.

Almost daily, we see cars that have been poorly repaired, and in some cases they are accidents just waiting to happen. As part of our consumer protection efforts, we have developed expert inspection and reporting services to assist consumers who have been, or suspect they have been, victims of fraud or poor repairs.

Here is what we can do:

          • We will inspect your car, front to back, top to bottom, inside and out. We will be looking for any evidence of collision damage or previous body repairs and painting.
          • We will evaluate our findings based on recommended repair procedures from vehicle manufacturers, I-CAR, repair equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of paint and other quality repair materials.
          • When appropriate, we will prepare a Diminished Value report documenting the flaws and defects found in previous repairs and including an assessment of how much the value the car has been reduced as a result of the damage and repair.
          • When appropriate, we will carefully examine the structure. We will measure the entire structure in three dimensions with our Genesis 2 computerized laser measuring system and compare the actual measurements to factory specifications.
          • When appropriate, we will measure the thickness of the paint on those areas of the car where this can be done without disassembly or damage.
          • When appropriate, we will road test the car (if safely drivable) to verify any driving or handling complaints you may have.
          • When appropriate, we will document our findings with photographs or videotape.
          • When appropriate, we will supply a written report detailing our findings.
          • When appropriate, we will work with attorneys or other professionals representing you, testifying in court on your behalf when necessary.




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