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This information has been prepared for New Jersey consumers, but laws and regulations in many other states are similar. Every state has a Department of Insurance, although the name may be different.

If any insurance company is trying to require you to use a particular shop or select from a list against your will, if you are having a problem with an insurance claim, or if you’re having a problem with a repair shop regarding collision repairs, you do have rights and there is assistance available to you. First, you should attempt to resolve the problem directly with the insurance company or the repair shop. In New Jersey, if an insurance company is directing, encouraging, or “steering” you to a particular repair shop, or requiring that you choose from a list, simply remind the insurance company that section N.J.A.C. 11:3-10.3e of the New Jersey Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations prohibits this (many other states have similar regulations). For a more detailed explanation of steering and some of the items in the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page. Then, if you feel your insurance company is not cooperating, is not handling your claim correctly, or is refusing to pay for damages you are entitled to be compensated for, you may contact the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance in Trenton at (609)292-5316 or visit their website at .  Their authority is limited and you may also wish to seek other assistance.

The Goldcar Collision Repair Network can also assist you in stopping any steering imposed by an insurance company.  A Goldcar Network shop in your area may be able to provide assistance.  See our Shop Locator for a shop serving your area.

For assistance in almost any part of the US, the affiliates of Collision Consulting have collective experience of over 240 years in the automotive repair and sales fields. Thousands of hours of training and hundreds of certifications combine to provide a level of qualification and credentials not equaled by any other organization providing consumer assistance.  A growing network with offices in 16 states (at last count), their services include Property Damage Claim & Repair Audit and Consultation, Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports, and Diminished Value Reports.

If your repair shop did not complete repairs to your satisfaction and has refused to correct any problems, you may contact the Goldcar Network or Collision Consulting for assistance.

Still not sure of what to do? You may post a message on our consumer message board and one of the regular contributors may be able to help you.

As a last resort, you may wish to consult an attorney who specializes in consumer and insurance matters.  For links to attorneys and other sites of interest, see our Consumer Links page.

Considering a used car purchase?  Check out our Consumer Links page for CarFax and AutoScan.


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