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Three easy DIY tips to maintain your vehicle

(BPT) – When it comes to vehicle maintenance there are two schools of practice: the “do it for me” and the “do it yourself.” The majority fall under the first category, meaning they opt to take their vehicle in for maintenance, mostly because having the ability to lift your vehicle for an oil change or

Mercedez-benz / Lexus / Tesla / BMW auto body shop in NJ

Auto Body Shop for Luxury Cars in NJ

Luxury car owners have every right to expect a higher level of service and a greater attention to detail from auto body shops detailing their cars after an accident or incident. Luxury vehicles are an investment worth protecting. Owners put a significant amount of money into luxury cars when they initially purchase them and keeping


Prestige Auto Body in Union County
7 South Avenue Garwood NJ 07027

tel: (908)789-2020
fax: (908)789-8457

Business Hours

Monday: 8am to 5pm

Tuesday: 8am to 5pm

Wednesday: 8am to 5pm

Thursday: 8am to 5pm

Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8:30am to 11am

Sunday: Closed


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