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Luxury car owners have every right to expect a higher level of service and a greater attention to detail from auto body shops detailing their cars after an accident or incident. Luxury vehicles are an investment worth protecting. Owners put a significant amount of money into luxury cars when they initially purchase them and keeping them safe and pristine as long as they enjoy them. For luxury car owners, just any old auto body shop won’t do.

What Luxury Car Owners Should Look For in an Auto Body Shop

If you’re a luxury car owner searching for an auto body shop you can trust to treat your vehicle right, there are a few key indicators you should be on the lookout for to let you know that you’ve found an auto body shop you can trust.

1. The Right Management. Look for a shop owner with a history of caring for luxury cars. Someone who is a certified professional. If you call an auto body shop and they seem to have a hard time pronouncing the name of your vehicle or seem unfamiliar with its make and model, that may be an instant tip off that they are not the shop best suited to restore your luxury vehicle to its original luster. Look for certifications like the ASE Certified Collision Repair Estimator certification or someone who is a certified Refinish Technician.

2. The Right Equipment. Experienced, trustworthy auto body shops like Prestige Auto Body fitted for luxury cars use good equipment like the Chief Genesis 2 computerized laser measuring system. This system enables technicians to identify hidden damage to luxury cars within a fraction of a millimeter of accuracy, detecting misalignment in a vehicle’s structure and verifying that repairs have completely eliminated the damage. This system and ones like it allow an auto body shop to restore damaged luxury cars to their manufacturers’ precise specifications.

3. The Right Training. You want to entrust your luxury vehicle to a shop that is committed to the ongoing training of its vehicle technicians. One way to find out if a shop is doing this is by asking them if they carry a certification from I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. Professional Repair Facilities engaging their technicians in ongoing training opportunities through I-CAR ensure luxury car owners get expert treatment that their cars deserve, especially in the areas of collision repair and finish matching.

4. The Spies Hecker Refinish System. Qualified auto body shops suited to handle luxury cars use the Spies Hecker refinish system to restore damaged luxury vehicles to the appearance and durability that they had when they rolled off the factory floor. Spies Hecker’s superior paint products have been officially endorsed by the biggest names in the automotive industry, and the finest auto body shops.

When you want your car to not just run well, but look like a million dollars, keep these tips in mind and take your luxury car to an auto body shop that will treat it with the respect and attention it warrants.


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